Do your old ceramic caps/bridges have an ugly black margin??

Do you have metallic caps??

Is food constantly getting stuck between your caps??

Are the gums around the cap red n inflamed??

Does your cap/bridge have a dark black space which shows when u talk??

Does your old cap/bridge look too bulky or unnatural??

Then it is time u think of changing your crowns/bridge. With the current advances in clinical and material science it is possible to have metal free crowns/ bridges that have strength and esthetic properties similar to the tooth. These restorations are metal free so there is no black metal margin that shows around your gums.  Also the gaps and the unnatural appearance can be corrected by altering the crown preparations and doing gingival plastic surgery if required.
Under certain conditions it is necessary to replace large defects or dental disfigurements that are caused by trauma, gum disease, extreme dental neglect, or other situation that lead to the loss of entire teeth. These specific dental conditions require a combination of surgical, restorative and aesthetic dentistry


crown_before crown_before
This patient came to us with faulty upper front bridge, poor oral hygiene, denuded roots in respect to upper incisors, swelling in the gums along with suppuration. Post treatment photos of the patient

Improving Gummy Smiles

This procedure is painlessly carried out under simple local anaesthetic with a cautery or a laser instrument giving immensely satisfying results.