Dental Bleaching / Teeth Whitening is a procedure that can be performed in the Dental Clinic or at home. Years of staining with tea, coffee, and red wine etc can be removed in a matter of an hour revealing truly white teeth that enhances the perfection of a smile. Two methods are available to get those perfectly white teeth.

Home Teeth Whitening

zoom_productIn the privacy of your home, you can now whiten your teeth using the Philips Zoom! Take-Home Whitening Kit. The new formula has enamel protection and a better flavor. All that is required, is an appointment with the dentist so impressions of your teeth can be taken to create two plastic trays, which are used to apply the bleaching gel on your teeth. These trays are worn according to a program designed specifically for your lifestyle, as you can either choose the Philips Zoom! DayWhite or NiteWhite. You will have a dazzling white smile in 10 to 14 days.
Great results are achieved in 10 to 14 days


Diode Laser for Teeth Whiteninggui-biolase-4-300x223

This is a new state of the art teeth whitening procedure using the Diode laser. This procedure is one of the fastest teeth whitening systems available to patients. This treatment works for patients with stained teeth, removing the stains and discoloration. A full-mouth, in-office whitening can be performed in only 20 minutes.


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zoomZoom Teeth Whitening

Dr Noel Dental Clinic in Bandra, Mumbai, India now offers the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening System – the No. 1 professional whitening treatment, which has featured on popular television shows such as Extreme Makeover. This dental clinic teeth whitening treatment has transformed the appearance of thousands of patients, worldwide.

With Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, the treatment time is shorter and more comfortable for dental patients. This is because the system allows the dentist to vary the intensity setting accordingly, to accommodate patients with more sensitive teeth. After just one hour, you can walk out of our clinic with a beautiful white smile!

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