Orthodontics or braces as it is popularly known, is a dynamic field in dentistry. Like other fields in dentistry, it has both aesthetic and therapeutic indications. The importance of a healthy and harmonious alignment of the teeth is absolutely essential in order to maintain among other things, good oral hygiene. Of equal importance is the ‘bite’ between the upper and lower teeth.

An incorrect bite or alignment can have negative repercussions on the health of the gongiva and dentition.

Orthodontics does not remain restricted to the young; even adults can avail of it.

Timely orthodontic intervention can go a long way in building an individual’s confidence.

At Andrade’s Dentofacial Care we integrate various disciplines by virtue of in-house senior dental surgeons.

The orthodontic treatments offered at our clinic include the following time-tested modalities:

  • Fixed steel braces.
  • Cosmetic ceramic braces.
  • Functional appliances for growth regulation,
  • Night guards etc for treatment of night grinding.